[R-0193] S5. Assessment

Citation: Buzhardt, J., Walker, D, Greenwood, C.R., & Heitzman-Powell, L. (2012). Using technology to support progress monitoring and data-based intervention decision making in early childhood: Is there an APP for that? Focus on Exceptional Children, 44(6), 1-18. Available online: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-288430307.html

Abstract: This article addresses five questions. What is progress monitoring and data-based decision making, and what challenges to implementing these practices can technology help address? To what degree is computer-based technology ready for use in the field by early childhood practitioners? As an example of a technology-supported data-based decision-making system for early childhood, how are Infant and Toddler IGDIs used for intervention decision making, and what is the evidence to support this use of technology? What challenges have been identified in the use of technology to support progress monitoring and decision making in K-12 education and medicine? How can mobile devices support progress monitoring and intervention decision making?

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Content Focus: Assessment; Data-Based Intervention Decision Making; Inclusive Classrooms; Infants, Toddlers, and Twos; Infant and Toddler IGDIs (Individual Growth and Development Indicators); Progress Monitoring; Web-Based Decision Making Tool; Curriculum Planning

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