[R-0149] S3. Child Development

Citation: Kern, P., & Wakeford, L. (2007). Supporting outdoor play for young children: The zone model of playground (ZoMPS) supervision. Young Children, 62(5), 12-18.

Abstract: Staff at the Frank Porter Graham (FPG) Child Care Program developed the zone model of playground supervision (ZoMPS) to ensure a safe environment for outdoor play and enhance playground time for all children. In addition to the social and free-play elements of outdoor play, they wanted to provide activities that support learning and development. The authors describe the division of the playground into zones and the roles of adults, with provisions for intervention with individual children with special needs. Action Cards for each zone define supervision duties; identify safety concerns; suggest play activities; list supplies; and describe maintenance and cleanup procedures. The article includes tips for teachers organizing similar playground models.

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Content Focus: Inclusive Playgrounds; Outdoor Play; Play; Playground Supervision; Universally Designed Playgrounds; Health, Safety, and Nutrition

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