[R-0204] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Carter, E.W., Asmus, J., Moss, C.K., Cooney, M., Weir, K., Vincent, L., Born, T., Hochmna, J.M., Bottema-Beutel, K., & Fesperman, E. (2013). Peer network strategies to foster social connections among adolescents with and without severe disabilities. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 46(2), 51-59.

Abstract: This article provides six “big ideas” from the research on creating contexts within which students with and without severe disabilities are more likely to develop friendships with one another. It describes the promise of peer networks and gives ten steps for launching and maintaining a peer network. Two case studies illustrate how these steps would be implemented in a real life scenario.

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Content Focus: Adolescents; Peer Networks; Severe Disabilities; Social Connections; Social Development; School-Age Development and Programs

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