[R-0201] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: Guo, Y., Sawyer, B.E., Justice, L.M., Kaderavik, J.N. (2013). Quality of the literacy environment in inclusive early childhood special education classrooms. Journal of Early Intervention, 35(1), 40-60.

Abstract: Results of this study indicated that, on average, the quality of book materials and print/writing materials was low to moderate and the quality of the instructional literacy environment was generally low in 54 inclusive early childhood special education (ECSE) classrooms within a single Midwestern state. Narrative books dominated book collections; absent were alphabet, poetry, concept, and information genres as well as electronic books. Although most classrooms had dedicated writing centers, writing portfolios and written words/labels/word walls were absent in half of the classrooms. Teachers who reported higher levels of self-efficacy received a higher rating for quality of literacy instruction. They were more likely to use effective instructional strategies, such as thorough development of concepts, provision of higher quality feedback, and modeling of complex language.

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Content Focus: Instruction; Literacy; Structure; Teacher Quality; Language and Literacy Experiences

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