[R-0175] S5. Assessment

Citation: Indiana Individualized Education Plan Resource Center (IEPRC). (2014). Part 1: Assessment of English Language Learners: Evidence based evaluation and practice. Video. Retrieved from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Assessment of English Language Learners: Evidence based evaluation and practice” in the search window].

Abstract: In this 7:50-minute video, Dr. Samuel Ortiz from St. John’s University provides information about evidenced based evaluation best practices for children who are culturally and linguistically diverse.

Integration: The content presented in this video may be infused in any and all early childhood courses.

Content Focus: Academic Development; Assessment; Bilingualism; Child Development; Culture; Demographics; Diverse Cultural and Linguistic Differences; Dual Language Learners; English Language Learners; Ethnic Minority Population; Evaluation Process; Evidence Based Evaluation and Practice; Language Differences

Notes: After viewing this video, have students investigate the number of children with diverse cultural and linguistic differences in the district in which they plan to work.