[R-0195] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: IRIS Center. (2017). Evidence-based practices (Part I): Identifying or selecting a practice or program. Module. Retrieved from site or enter “IRIS Center Modules” in your search window. Under IRIS Resource Topics, click on “Early Intervention/Early Childhood.” Click on Modules and Evidence-Based Practices (Part 1)].

Abstract: After completing this two-hour module, students will understand what an evidence-based practice or program (EBP) is, be able to identify and use trustworthy sources to find EBPs, know how to match a practice or program to their resources and student needs, understand how to evaluate the research on a practice or program to decide whether the evidence supports its use.

Integration: The information presented in this module fits well with content presented in the early childhood courses Child Guidance, Curriculum Planning, Exploration Activities, and Language and Learning Experiences.

Content Focus: Child Guidance; Curriculum Planning; Evidence-Based Practices; Exploration Activities; Language and Learning Experiences.

Notes: Student activities and assessments are included within the module.