[R-0239] S5. Assessment

Citation: The University of Maine: Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies. (2014). Assessment basics: From observation to instruction. Tipsheet. Retrieved from site [or enter “Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies: Assessment basics: From observation to instruction” in your search window; click on Resources, then on Growing Ideas Tipsheets and Resources for Guiding Early Childhood Practices, and then on Foundations of Inclusive Early Care and Education].

Abstract: This tipsheet provides information that will help early childhood teachers implement developmentally appropriate assessment.

Integration: The concepts and skills described in this tipsheet fit well with content presented in the early childhood courses, Child Development, Curriculum Planning, Introduction to Early Childhood Education, and Practicum.

Content Focus: Assessment System; Child Development; Curriculum Planning; Developmentally Appropriate Assessment; Documentation; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Objective Observation; Practicum.