[R-0314] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Moore, K., Denney, M., Snyder, P., & Sandall, S. (n. d.). Embedding families’ funds of knowledge, daily routines and activities into their children’s early learning opportunities across home and preschool contexts. [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http://depts.washington.edu/hscenter/family-literacy-3

Abstract: This is a 10 slide PowerPoint with audio that can be downloaded or watched online that discusses the diversity of families and how to make connections to promote early learning experiences by including the family and the family’s “funds of knowledge”.

Integration: This PowerPoint would fit within any content related to the inclusion of families from diverse populations in the early childhood environment.

Content Focus: Collaboration; Diversity; Embedded Learning; Family; Inclusion; Preschool; Language and Literacy Experiences

Notes: This brief PowerPoint could be used as a self-learning tool for engaging scholars online when discussing collaboration with families.