[R-0150] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Mencap. (2014, December 12). Sensory storytelling helps children with a learning disability to communicate. [Video file]. Retrieved from Mencap [or type “sensory storytelling helps children video” in your search window]

Abstract: This 3:22 minute video shows parents and educators an example of the positive ways you can use technology. Scholars will be able to view children using the MyChoicePad App to show what they learned after engaging in sensory storytelling.

Integration: The MyChoicePad App is a way that educators and parents can support the learning of vocabulary words from a story. They tell the children the story, play with the sensory props, support their learning of vocabulary through conversation and sign then use the App on their IPads to support the words they heard and to assess their learning.

Content Focus: Academic Development; Assessment; Augmentative and Assistive Communication and Technology; Learning Disabilities; Literacy; MyChoicePad App; Sensory Storytelling; Vocabulary; Language and Literacy Experiences

Notes: In the universal design for learning framework, teachers provide content in many different ways for their learners. Have scholars describe the ways that content is represented through storytelling in this video.