[R-0208] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: Early Inclusion: Special Quest Birth-Five/Early Childhood. (2010, June 17). Preschool Inclusion: Samantha [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvuk6XqiLRU

Abstract: Samantha was enrolled in Early Head Start at 18 months of age, transitioned to Head Start at age three, and was in the process of transitioning to kindergarten at the time this video was developed. Throughout the video, we hear from her father, Head Start teacher, classmates, Special Education teacher, and Family Services Coordinator and have an opportunity to see how families can work collaboratively with Head Start, childcare, the public schools, and other agencies and service providers to realize their dreams for their children who have disabilities.

Integration: N/A

Content Focus: Collaboration; Early Inclusion; Family; Introduction to Early Childhood Education

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