[R-0219] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Results Matter-Colorado. (Edelman, L., Brungard, T., Sprafke, J., Mendoza, K., Gypton, C.L., & Colorado Department of Education). (2011). Overview of Dialogic Reading at SD 27J Preschool [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www2.cde.state.co.us/media/resultsmatter/RMSeries/OverviewofDialogicReadingatSD27J_SA.asp

Abstract: In this video, we not only do we see and hear how dialogic reading works in a preschool classroom, we also learn how read-aloud books for dialogic reading are chosen and how to embed concepts from those books into the classroom culture. As the tape begins, we see Jill Sprafke, a first year preschool teacher, using dialogic reading with a small group of her students. Tami Brungard, Preschool Curriculum Specialist, explains that dialogic reading is intentional small group story telling time with an adult where you are following the child’s lead. It’s more of a philosophy but they have a specific procedure at SD 27J from the teacher telling the story to the students telling the story. She goes on to say that they are very intentional about the questions they ask the children so that they are able to connect with the book and are able to make predictions. Ms. Sprafke adds that it brings them into the reading process so that they are not just listeners, they are participants. Throughout the video we are able to see and hear the children responding to the teachers’ questions and asking questions of their own. Another teacher, Kari Mendoza is interviewed and says for students with varying language skills, she is able to differentiate the reading session to meet their needs. If they need extra visual supports or a communication device, teachers are able to incorporate that and support them. With English Language Learners, having it be a small group activity makes it easier to customize instruction using hands-on materials and visuals. At the end, they learn vocabulary words that allow them to retell the story in English and their primary language.

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Content Focus: Dialogic Reading; Differentiation; Dual Language Learners; English Language Learners; Literacy; Reading; Teacher Question; Language and Literacy Experiences

Notes: This video is part of the Results Matter Video Library-Early Care and Education retrieved from http://www.cde.state.co.us/resultsmatter/rmvideoseries.