[R-0237] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: Frazer Center. (2013). Children with special needs-Inclusion. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei20m03TdG4

Abstract: In this 4:06 minute video, Charlie Jones, an Inclusion Specialist at the Frazer Center discusses evidence-based practices that are demonstrated in high quality inclusion settings. These best practices for inclusion are related to DEC Recommended Practices Assessment, Family, Instruction, Interaction, Teaming, and Collaboration.

Integration: Skills discussed by Charlie Jones will help scholars demonstrate knowledge of best practices for inclusion as they relate to DEC Recommended Practices.

Content Focus: Collaboration; Early Childhood; Evidence-Based Practices; Family; Inclusion; Instruction; Interaction; Teaming; Children with Exceptionalities

Notes: An example of an activity for this resource is as follows: After viewing Children with Special Needs-Inclusion, have scholars document examples of best practices for inclusive settings mentioned by Charlie Jones related to the following DEC Recommended Practice areas: Assessment, Family, Instruction, Interaction, and Teaming and Collaboration. (Example: Several times, Charlie Jones mentions that an important practice in high quality inclusion settings is embedding a child’s IEP goals within the regular goals of the classroom so that the child receiving special education services does not have to learn alone with an adult. This relates to the DEC Recommended Practice Instruction 5: Practitioners embed instruction within and across routines, activities, and environments to provide contextually relevant learning opportunities.)