[R-0143] S3. Child Development

Citation: LD Online, Alexandria, VA. LD Online Website. Retrieved from http://www.ldonline.org/

Abstract: LD OnLine seeks to help children and adults reach their full potential by providing accurate and up-to-date information and advice about learning disabilities and ADHD. The site features helpful articles, multimedia, monthly columns by noted experts, first person essays, children’s writing and artwork, a comprehensive resource guide, and a Yellow Pages referral directory of professionals, schools, and products.

Integration: LD OnLine also serves adolescents and adults with learning disabilities. The site offers information and resources on the transitions from school to college and from school to the workplace, and on the issues faced by adults with learning disabilities.

Content Focus: ADHD; Learning Disability; Learning Disabilities; Transitions Across Settings; Health, Safety, & Nutrition

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