[R-0171] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: Head Start. (2009). Early Head Tip Sheet [#32]. Retrieved from Head Start.

Abstract: Using everyday objects for play can save money and promote learning. Many times, these items become favorite toys because they relate to real-life experiences and are more meaningful and contextually-relevant to children. The Tip Sheet includes examples of using household materials to support and encourage play in young children.

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Content Focus: Ableplay; National Lekotek Center; Toys; Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Notes: A system for rating toys and a comprehensive look at many that fit well with particular disabilities can be found on the AblePlay website. Developed by the National Lekotek Center, toys are rated on several characteristics and you can search by disability, age of child, and type of toy. If the child for whom you are buying has asked for a particular toy, this site can also serve as a resource to see if that item has been reviewed. The evaluation can help you decide if the toy is the right choice.

If you need further or more detailed help, pick up the phone and call the Lekotek Toy Resource Helpline at 1-800-366-PLAY and arrange to speak with one of Lekotek’s experts on toys and play for kids with disabilities. You can also email lekotek@lekotek.org with your questions for a personalized response.