[R-0239] S5. Assessment

Citation: DEC-ECSE-EI. (2008). Early Childhood Special Education/Early Intervention (Birth to Age 8) Specialist Standards with CEC Advanced Common Core. Retrieved from [specialist standards]

Abstract: This document presents the validated personnel standards for “specialists” in Early Childhood Special Education/Early Intervention (ECSE/EI). These standards are delineated as Advanced Early Childhood (AEC) standards. The document also includes CEC’s Advanced Common Core (ACC) standards (document dated 3/18/2008) so that both sets of standards are included in one document. The ECSE/EI (AEC) standards assume the inclusion of CEC’s ACC standards in personnel preparation for program accreditation.

Integration: N/A

Content Focus: DEC; Standards; Professional Organization; Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Notes: This document provides information on expectations for those who teach children with disabilities.