[R-0236] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: McWilliam, R. (2006-2014). Behavior Management and the Unified Model. Early Intervention in Natural Environments. Retrieved March 14, 2014 from http://naturalenvironments.blogspot.com/

Abstract: This is just one of the many entries in the blog of Dr. Robin McWilliam, Director of the Siskin Center for Child and Family Research in Tennessee. His model for home- and community-based services is titled Routines-Based Early Intervention and his Engagement Classroom Model, based on research conducted with Amy Casey, is an evidence-based model for effective classroom practices. Topics he addresses in his blog include: the ideal inclusion proportion, best practices for home visits, attention and engagement, Routines-Based Interviews, and best practices for decision-making teams, among others.

Integration: This blog addresses issues across early childhood education program coursework.

Content Focus: Attention; Early Intervention; Engagement; Evidence-Based Practice; Routines-Based Early Intervention; Siskin Center for Child and Family Research; Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Notes: One of the links on this blog is to the Raising Child Network. If you type “disability” into their search engine, there will be links to excellent resources. Although some are focused on laws and policies in Australia, where the website is created, others are relevant to educators everywhere, including videos on Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, and Hearing and Vision Impairment.